We’re rebooting the podcast! Now you can take part in the Hop Inn from the beginning! When we catch up to the current episode we’ll update our iTunes Feed to point over here instead of the old, soon to be gone, site. We’ll be adding more information and links as this site progresses and grows.

Join us for all the laughs, fun, and memories all over again.  And, since this is the last one, we return you to our irregularly scheduled regular podcast!

It’s dinner cast!  Bunnyman for some reason likes to eat dinner with his iPad at the table.  Also, for some reason, the Bunny likes to play with buttons on Bunnyman’s iPad.  Usually, it’s to look through Bunnyman’s porn.  But in this case, he hit GarageBand on the iPad and tried an experiment.  We discover how it went here.

Episode – MP3

Episode – AAC

Yours Truly,

The Bunny

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